Do you have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)?
Are you looking for answers for how to calm the chaos?


The community for people with DID. As a member of CommuniDID you will have access to the following…

Community Forum

Encouragement, understanding, and support from other people with DID. Experience being a part of group where people don’t find your symptoms to be unusual and where it is understood that recovery from DID is possible.


Ongoing skills trainings and educational courses on topics that will equip you to make improvements in your life and support your work in therapy with your therapist.


Challenges to help keep you motivated to practice your skills.


Make connections with people who understand the challenges of DID.

Foundation of Healing Course

Do you know what the critical condition necessary for healing and recovery from DID is? In this brief course you will learn about this condition, which you can learn to create on your own.

Upon completion of this course you can join the CommuniDID community and access other modules that will help you make progress on your healing journey.

This course and community are offered by Alicia Polk, LCPC, LPC, CCTP-I. Alicia is a licensed clinical professional counselor who specializes in working with clients with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Alicia has seen how hard it is for clients to get access to therapists with the knowledge and skills to treat DID. Although no therapy is offered in the course or the community, Alicia is offering knowledge and skills that can supplement the work done in therapy. People who have DID and do not have a therapist can also benefit from the knowledge and skills offered. To be clear, no one should expect a cure from the resources being provided; while it is possible to completely recover from DID, it requires direct work with a therapist. The resources provided in this course and in the community are intended to help people increase their self-regulation, which supports work done in therapy to heal from the trauma that caused the DID.